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All Libraries Bundle is a collection of 13 libraries featuring more than 3400 files in total and weighing in at 44.5GB. It is an opportunity to purchase 13 libraries at a 30% discount.

With this bundle you get all of our released products to date:
- Paper & Cardboard
- Basketball Game Ultra
- Basketball Game Pro
- Mediterranean Summertime
- Animal Farm
- Sounds of Istanbul
- Analog Days
- UI Sounds: Futuristic
- UI Sounds: Organic
- UI Sounds: Musical
- Water Flow
- Laughs
- Kitchen Sounds

Paper & Cardboard

Paper & Cardboard is a toolset of 500 HQ sound effects, recorded to sound fat and solid whilst still providing various textures and motion. We’ve spent the last couple of months turning pages, throwing and thumping boxes of various sizes, flapping photographs, playing cards, opening and closing Chinese fans, ripping, scraping, crumpling or straightening the different paper and cardboard types.

Basketball Game Ultra

Basketball Game Ultra is a huge sound effects library for, well, basketball. It includes both an international match field recording (with over 5,000 people attending the game) and isolated sounds of backboard hoops, basket swish nets, metal bars, shoe squeaks and dribbles on various hard surfaces, as well as other related sounds - all performed by a professional basketball player in indoor and outdoor courts as well as inside the studio.

Basketball Game Pro

BASKETBALL GAME PRO is a sound effects library thematically centered around a basketball game, and is suitable for your audiovisual and app productions. All sounds have been recorded in a real basketball match and are delivered at 24bit/96kHz, in an easily downloadable .zip file. The collection includes several versions of game air horns, crowd applause, attack, defense, fault, score and lost opportunities ambiences, referee whistles, crowd boos & yells and a short warm up game ambience. The library contains only the interjections, purposely avoiding a specific language identity, making it more flexible and suitable for universal use.

Mediterranean Summertime

Mediterranean Summertime includes 120 selections dedicated to life and the atmosphere of both glitz and off-beat Mediterranean islands, during summertime.

Animal Farm

Animal Farm is dedicated to most popular farm animals, rural ambiences and agricultural activities - all you need around farm life. It features 165 sounds in total, from 14 different species with multiple variations for each animal, 25 discreet rural ambiences and 10 types of modern and traditional agricultural activities.

Sounds of Istanbul

This library contains oriental-flavored soundscapes gathered around Istanbul, Turkey. It features calls to prayers, bazaars, harbor sounds, Walla, crowds of people passing through the streets and alleys, car traffic, street musicians, both close and distant emergency siren sounds, as well as the quiet crowd at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.

Analog Days

Analog Days contains 390 sounds extracted from old portable cassette players, Retro WW tube radios, vintage turntable vinyl record players and retro tape machines. Here you can find a wide range of radio static and motor hum noises, manual tuning and radio transmissions, spring clunk buttons and knobs, vinyl record scratches, tape transitions (rewind, fast forward, play, stop) as well as the tape sounding through the little labyrinth of rollers and pins - all analog.

UI Sounds: Organic

UI SOUNDS: ORGANIC is a well-organized collection of 425 selections ranging from simple and discreet to catchy and jolly sounds ready to use in any kind of electronic user interface (smartphone, tablet, desktop app, web based app or site), smart tv app, wearable device app, UI demonstration videos, infographics, as well as in your games.

UI Sounds: Futuristic

UI Sounds: Musical

UI SOUNDS: MUSICAL is a collection of 300 sound elements ranging from subtle to glitch and juicy, vibrant sounds, which are ready to use in any kind of electronic user interface environment (smartphone, tablet, desktop app, web based app or site), smart TV app, wearable device app, UI demonstration videos, infographics, as well as in your games.

Water Flow

WATER FLOW collection contains recordings of stream, river and small waterfall sounds, with close and distant perspectives of slow and turbulent flows. More than 80 minutes of high quality (24bit/96kHz) material recorded at various locations and delivered in an easily downloadable .zip file.


LAUGHS is a toolset of 380 laughs containing a large laughing audience with more than 200 persons, having a really good time, cheering and applauding, including multiple smaller groups of people laughing, specifically designed to be varied in age, style and gender and featuring individual laughing performances by 25 unique voices.

Kitchen Sounds

KITCHEN SOUNDS is a Foley sound library containing high quality sounds from a professional kitchen you can sync to any visuals. Here you will find recordings from kitchenware arrangements, food preparation, water sink chores, kitchen cabinets, call bells and kitchen machine in operation (mixer, refrigerator, absorber, lemon squeezers, induction hobs, espresso machine e.t.c.).

Technical Specifications:
  • 3400+ royalty-free files in total.
  • 24bit, 96kHz stereo Wav format [1]
  • Bundle Size is 44.5 GB
  • PDF, XLS files included for each library
  • All files embedded with metadata

  • [1] With the exception of “Kitchen Sounds” and "UI Sounds: Organic", which they are recorded at 24bit/48kHz.

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  • The sounds are royalty free and licensed to you under this license agreement.
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