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No pain, no gain

Recording sound effects for Animal Farm library

Recording sound effects can be a dangerous game as Frank Bry nicely put it in the A Sound Effect interview on how to record thunderstorms. And Pasi Pitkanen knows something about it, as well, recording his latest Footstep Two SFX library.

Now, we also have a first-hand story to tell :)

Space designer Dani Joss applies acoustic treatment to the new S.E.M studio, then share thoughts.

Time for a studio update for Sound Ex Machina, acoustically treating the initial control room and building a new one from scratch. It was quite an endeavour for sure. We learned a lot, worked hard with strict timelines and so forth, following the instructions of Dani Joss, the guy who treated our spaces, who designed and supported with his 100% this session.

Let’s meet him, hear his design philosophy and the problems he encountered at S.E.M studio.


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