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Behind the sound of Look Watch promo video

Look Watch by Laipac Technology Inc. is a standalone smartwatch with cell phone connectivity, built-in SOS button, Wi-Fi, heart rate sensor and many more features. In light of their promo video release, we interviewed Ioannis Kalantzis, composer and sound designer, about conveying a message of love and peace of mind through his sound design, using some of our sound effects included in the LAUGHS library.

Review of UI Sounds: Futuristic library by The Audio Spotlight

Our UI Sounds: Futuristic library came under the spotlight of...The Audio Spotlight! Here is a small excerpt of what they think about it:

For the price of $39 US + VAT where it applies, I have to say that UI Sounds: Futuristic is a nice addition to your arsenal of UI sounds. Although sounds are arranged in several groups, that doesn’t mean you have to use them this way but it is nice to have an idea of how the developer suggested using the sounds.


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