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Space designer Dani Joss applies acoustic treatment to the new S.E.M studio, then share thoughts.

Time for a studio update for Sound Ex Machina, acoustically treating the initial control room and building a new one from scratch. It was quite an endeavour for sure. We learned a lot, worked hard with strict timelines and so forth, following the instructions of Dani Joss, the guy who treated our spaces, who designed and supported with his 100% this session.

Let’s meet him, hear his design philosophy and the problems he encountered at S.E.M studio.

Our Indoor Sound Effects used in EDM music project

The electronic based project Consciousness Federation released a four tracks EP, which wonderfully incorporates some of the sounds of our Indoor Sounds library. C.F.'s intention was a combination of real-sampled sound design, multi-layered emotional backgrounds and straightforward beats. An atmospheric, 30-minute long creation balancing between gothic and mellow scenarios driving the listener to a dark fantasy sound novel.


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