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ENVIRONMENTS BUNDLE contains 4 libraries one for each topic: Summertime in the Mediterranean, farm animals and rural ambiences, sounds of Istanbul and nature sounds of water flows. Volume 1 is a powerful toolset with more than 400 HQ sound files, delivered at 24bit/96kHz and weighing in at 32.8 GB at a fraction of the cost you would pay for purchasing individual libraries.

It is an opportunity to purchase four diverse environmental sound libraries at a 30% discount.

Mediterranean Summertime

Mediterranean Summertime includes 120 selections dedicated to life and the atmosphere of both glitz and off-beat Mediterranean islands, during summertime.

Animal Farm

Animal Farm is dedicated to most popular farm animals, rural ambiences and agricultural activities - all you need around farm life. It features 165 sounds in total, from 14 different species with multiple variations for each animal, 25 discreet rural ambiences and 10 types of modern and traditional agricultural activities.

Sounds of Istanbul

This library contains oriental-flavored soundscapes gathered around Istanbul, Turkey. It features calls to prayers, bazaars, harbor sounds, Walla, crowds of people passing through the streets and alleys, car traffic, street musicians, both close and distant emergency siren sounds, as well as the quiet crowd at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.

Water Flow

WATER FLOW collection contains recordings of stream, river and small waterfall sounds, with close and distant perspectives of slow and turbulent flows. More than 80 minutes of high quality (24bit/96kHz) material recorded at various locations and delivered in an easily downloadable .zip file.

Technical specifications:

  • 406 royalty-free files in total
  • 24bit/96 kHz in Stereo Wav format
  • Library size is 32.8 GB (unzipped)
  • PDF, XLS files included
  • All files embedded with metadata
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  • The sounds are royalty free and licensed to you under this license agreement.
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    Completionists will resonate with the fact it took Sound Ex Machina over a year to record it, as they captured all the activities, weather conditions and animal habits induced by each season. - Designing Sound

    Mediterranean Summertime is the modern day soundtrack of an Audrey Hepburn film. Much like the late actress, who could cross international and economic barriers with her disarming charm, this library intimately captures these joyful crowds. With 320 minutes and over 11 GB of content, you will find an endless supply of tourists celebrating life. - A Sound Effect

    There’s a lot of distinctive texture in the tracks that provides a solid impression of Istanbul. - Sound Effects Search