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Pushing Artistic and Professional Boundaries - Interview on Designing Sound

We had the pleasure of interviewing (alongside other fine ‪sound effects studios) with the great team at Designing Sound , discussing about pushing boundaries in sound effects creation, funny sounds, future plans and more.

Here's a small extract:

Have you ever created a sound or synth that made you or your team laugh out loud? If so, what was the sound?

We actually couldn’t STOP laughing out loud during the making of the Laughs library :D. I remember in particular one recording session we had with a friend and his nervous laugh after a few beers (quite a few, admittedly). He is not the kind of professional voiceover artist or actor we’d usually want, so we had to find ways to make him feel comfortable. Well, he got sort of… over-relaxed eventually, and enjoyed it so much that we all had a funny and productive day! Even to this day, that one still stands out.

What is an area you’d like to see pushed even further?

Sound Ex Machina: We are a young studio having operated for two and a half years, but we had to first form the bedrock of our collection. We created some “foundation” sound effects libraries first with a wide range of use, and at the same time we had the chance to start exploring the amazing world of sound effects. Over the next period, we wanted to further update and enrich our equipment and focus on shaping more unique and creative libraries, both digital and “real”.

Read the full interview here: