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All Libraries Bundle is a collection of 12 libraries featuring more than 3000 files in total and weighing in at 44.2GB. It is an opportunity to purchase 12 libraries at a 30% discount.

With this bundle you get all of our released products to date:
- Paper & Cardboard
- Basketball Game Ultra
- Basketball Game Pro
- Mediterranean Summertime
- Animal Farm
- Sounds of Istanbul
- Analog Days
- UI Sounds: Organic
- UI Sounds: Musical
- Water Flow
- Laughs
- Kitchen Sounds


LAUGHS is a toolset of 380 HQ samples containing a large audience (with more than 200 persons), laughing, cheering and applauding, multiple smaller groups of people laughing (specifically designed to be varied in age, style and gender) and individual laughing performances by 25 unique voices.

All recordings were made indoors and intend to serve either those who want to replace live television studio audience with well executed audience performances or those who just need high quality first material for their professional projects.

Audio Preview

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