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Our field recordings featuring on Todos' Kilchurn Sessions XIV

The electronic-based producer Todos recently released a new mix, edition 14 of his legendary Kilchurn Session series, which wonderfully incorporates some of our sound effects and field recordings included in our libraries: Animal Farm, Sounds of Istanbul and Analog Days.

Enjoy more than one hour of ambient, electronica, techno and everything in-between, messed with well-placed samples, tempo blends and effects:

Transverse Wave Machine

The electronic based project Consciousness Federation released a four tracks EP, which wonderfully incorporates some of the sounds of our Indoor Sounds library. C.F.'s intention was a combination of real-sampled sound design, multi-layered emotional backgrounds and straightforward beats. An atmospheric, 30-minute long creation balancing between gothic and mellow scenarios driving the listener to a dark fantasy sound novel.


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