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This library contains oriental-flavored soundscapes gathered around Istanbul, Turkey. It features calls to prayers, bazaars, harbor sounds, Walla, crowds of people passing through the streets and alleys, car traffic, street musicians, both close and distant emergency siren sounds, as well as the quiet crowd at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.

Sounds of Istanbul is designed for those who are looking for cinematic, long duration, middle eastern city ambiences for their audiovisual projects and games.


All Libraries Bundle is a collection of 13 libraries featuring more than 3500 files in total and weighing in at 44.7GB. It is an opportunity to purchase 13 libraries at a 30% discount.

With this bundle you get all of our released products to date:

Mediterranean Summertime

The Mediterranean Summertime SFX library includes 120 selections dedicated to life and the atmosphere of both glitz and off-beat Mediterranean islands, during summertime.

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