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The team at Sound Ex Machina tackled quite the tough sound subject last month: the basketball game. In ‘Basketball Game Ultra’, they make it look easy with their collection of varied crowd reactions, referee whistles, anthems, announcers, pep band music and more from a stadium seating 5,000 people. It also includes clean basketball foley created by professional athletes with perspectives that make you feel like you’re 6′ 7″ tall. Whether you need massive ambiences or the distinct sounds of a pro dominating the court, Sound Ex Machina’s got you covered.

A very nicely recorded basketball sound library.

Sweet basketball library!

'Basketball Game Ultra' gives you a wide variety of sounds for your basketball scenes - whether you need crowd ambiences, game action, or player foley. Check it out for the complex sounds of a basketball game and the indubitable sounds of professional players.

Mediterranean Summertime is the modern day soundtrack of an Audrey Hepburn film. Much like the late actress, who could cross international and economic barriers with her disarming charm, this library intimately captures these joyful crowds. With 320 minutes and over 11 GB of content, you will find an endless supply of tourists celebrating life.