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'Mediterranean Summertime' highlights the romantic and almost nostalgic sounds of summer along the peaceful Aegean coastline. If you want your audience to fall in love with the Mediterranean summer life, this is the one for you. Designing Sound

'Mediterranean Summertime’ is the modern day soundtrack of an Audrey Hepburn film. Much like the late actress, who could cross international and economic barriers with her disarming charm, this library intimately captures these joyful crowds. With 320 minutes and over 11 GB of content, you will find an endless supply of tourists celebrating life. A Sound Effect

From a video call to an inviting website, 'UI Sounds: Musical' will meet your notification needs. With clean rings, fresh pops, soft glitches, clear sitars and hundreds of other sounds, this library can voice the interactive soundscape of any your developments, whether they're on a smartphone, tablet, desktop, website, wearable device or infographic. A Sound Effect

Sound Ex Machina took a different approach with their latest release UI Sounds: Organic. The interface sounds designed specifically to be “catchy and jolly”, from novel sources such as car keys, coffee mixers, toys, vocals, and much more. Sound Effects Search

The package provides a vast selection of instrumentation and tones. Synth tones are complimented by string-based phrases, piano tunes, electronic accents, and more. Sound Effects Search