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Destruction Zone

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Crowds: Emotions And Reactions

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Auto Repair

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Construction Zone

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Extreme Drift

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River Flows: Over And Under

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F16 Maneuvers

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Vintage Telephones

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Rain City

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UI Sounds: Futuristic

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Basketball Game Ultra

Sound Ex Machina Bundles

Bundle up and save on our libraries of UI tones, natural environments, vintage machinery, sports ambiences, or material-based sounds.

At a glance

Sound Ex Machina sounds in German film, Papa auf Wolke 7

We had the great pleasure to listen to our sounds in the film, Papa auf Wolke 7 – a german comedy directed by Markus Herling and sound designed by Cornelius[…]

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Sound Ex Machina Sounds on Podcast series ‘Inside The Exorcist’

Sounds from our library Sounds Of Istanbul has been used in Inside The Exorcist – a seven-part series inspired by the story behind the unforgettable, classic movie, The Exorcist. Enjoy[…]

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Our Vintage Telephones library used in the TV series Pennyworth

We’re happy and excited that our Vintage Telephones sound effects library has been used by the supervising sound editor George Haddad for the American drama television series Pennyworth.  The show[…]

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  • Completionists will resonate with the fact it took Sound Ex Machina over a year to record Animal Farm library, as they captured all the activities, weather conditions and animal habits induced by each season.

    Designing Sound – Art and technique of sound design
  • I can vouch for how good this stuff is. Great call to prayer sound effect that I was looking for! If I ever was doing a middle-eastern project, I would feel a bit precarious, lacking some of the iconic sounds that set the scene. Now I don’t have to worry as much because you filled the gap.

    Scyclad Sound - Sound Designer and Zapsplat contributor SkyClad Sound – Sound designer
  • A fine collection of rain recordings that are well-sorted and easily loopable. For all scenes in a city, I needed rain sounds for, this library had good-sounding recordings with nice details I could use.

    Cornelius Wilkening – Sound Designer
  • This is a fantastic idea for a sound effects library. Rolling Objects!!!

    Zapsplat – Free sound effects & royalty free music library
  • Sound Ex Machina took a different approach with their latest release UI Sounds: Organic. The interface sounds designed specifically to be “catchy and jolly”, from novel sources such as car keys, coffee mixers, toys, vocals, and much more.

    Sound Effects Search – Indie Sound Effects Search Engine
  • The quality of the recordings in Laughs library is good and clear with no external noises. I also liked the detailed classification of the different laughing categories which made the selection of the samples easy and fast.

    Ioannis Kalantzis – Composer, audio engineer, sound designer
  • These tape machine sounds are fantastic, and the retro radio static and hum bit… chefs kiss.

    Ariel Gross – Game audio designer, founder at Team Audio
  • If you are a professional or an enthusiast of audio and visual creation, then you are probably already familiar with Sound Ex Machina. If not, then you just discovered one of the most interesting things on the internet!

    Aquatic Nerve – Natural exploration, video art, sound design
  • ‘Water Flow’ is a brilliant water-themed pack from Sound Ex Machina. This library will allow you to create a calm or dynamic soundscape with the variation that you require for your levels.

    CRYENGINE – A game engine designed by Crytek
  • Rain City is a VERY nice library! Excellent variety, well-recorded, and the looping is seamless. I’d highly recommend it.

    John Tenney – Musician / Co-founder of Golden Gate Music
  • WOW!!! Very well captured. Great job on ‘Basketball Game Ultra’ library!

    Rade Santrac – Sound designer / Sound Mixer
  • A great selection of UI sounds with a human touch – and they’re distinctly non-digital.

    A Sound Effect – Indie Sound Effects Marketplace
  • Rain City aims to cover the interaction between rain and the objects around the city, and does so very effectively. The recordings feel intimate, and have a texture often missing with weather sounds.

    344 Audio – Audio post production & sound design company
  • The opportunities in Scratches library are massive for those of you who like to play with source material.

    344 Audio – Audio post production & sound design company
  • Laughs library got great quality recordings, with a ton of options. I’ve set these files into background ambiences for film as they are, but the most fun thing to use them for is processing the heck out of them. Pitching way down, really laying into the EQ, exorbitant delay, reverse reverb, you name it. Laughs can turn into horrifying, fascinating things if you stretch them enough.

    Isabella Ness – Sound Designer/Mixer

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