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Endless Drones – New SFX Library release

We are happy to announce the release of our brand new library Endless Drones. Blurring the lines between organic and synthetic, this library offers haunting atmospheres and weird textures for setting unpleasing emotional moods or establishing a unique sense of location in your projects.

The library is featuring field recordings and organic sounds that are processed and mixed with lush synths using extensive processing and advanced production techniques. Some of the most interesting natural sounds that have been used are hypnotic oscillating rhythmic machinery, radio statics, water flows, howling winds, and horse galloping sounds.

Audio Preview

Endless Drones library is ideal for producing imagined environments, especially sci-fi, mysterious or horror. The overall sound is spaciousimmersive, futuristic, mysterious, wide, deep, dark, hypnotic, ominous, mysterious, experimental.

Video Preview

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Endless Drones comes with 30%OFF until September 25th and a free “Lite” version to get a better look into what it’s like. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so we can send you the download link.

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