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World Bee Day 2019 FREE SFX


If the bees die, we all are in danger. Climate change, intensification of agriculture and pesticides are the main reasons. The role and importance of bees were recognized by the UN in December 2017. On May 20th is celebrated the World Bee Day and reminds us that if we want to live, we must first protect the bees.

In order to further raise awareness of the matter and celebrate the World Bee Day 2019, we’re having a special gift for you – an extensive exterior ambience with the hum of a bee’s nest, we managed to capture back in 2016 for Animal Farm library. The recording features hundreds of bees, loudly swirling in a tree, creating a constant droning effect of buzzing, perfect for building realistic multi-layered summer atmospheres or designing low-end drone sounds that convey dread.

This is what it sounds like. Enjoy 🙂

You can download it, here and use it both in your personal or commercial projects.

Click here to download the sound via our Dropbox

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