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Contact Mics – A Great Sound Design Tool

For those who want to get deeper into sound design, contact microphones can be a lot of fun to play with. In our latest library, F16 Maneuvers, we recorded jet fighters maneuvers and flybys, using, as an addition, a contact mic, the Schertler Basik, attached to a nearby vehicle.

We got some pretty unique, low-end takes from that session, that could be useful to create completely new sounds from them, layered them with the existing ones, inside the library, or layer them with other vehicle pass-bys, as hidden, weird textures.

Below are some sounds we prepared, to showcase some of the options you have with these contact mic versions and help spark your imagination and to get you experimenting. Enjoy 🙂

F16 Jet Pass-bys

Train Pass-by

Helicopter pass-by

Designed Sound

Dark Ambience

We hope the above examples inspire you to go have fun with these types of microphones. Attach them to your car while revving the engine, to a container filled with debris, to a window, take them outdoors just to record city traffic or rainfall, place them on various machinery to record the detail of the inner mechanisms or simply bring them with you to a basketball game to record balls bouncing, footsteps and thumping.


F16 Maneuvers - Royalty Free Sound Library
F16 Maneuvers brings you the exciting authentic sounds of an F16 fighter jet, recorded at three different locations from the ground perspective.

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There is also the free Lite version of the F16 Maneuvers library, which you can download by simply entering your email address below. Right after that, we’ll email you the download link. You can use those sounds in both your free and commercial projects.

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