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Save with Our Library Bundles

If you need more than one Sound Ex Machina libraries these collections are the real deal! Bundle up and save up to 50% on our libraries of UI tones, environments, vintage machinery, sports ambiences, and material-based sounds.

All Libraries Bundle is an opportunity to purchase our entire catalog at a 50% discount. The collection includes 23 libraries that would normally cost you $1192, and you can have it for less than $595.

Specs: 8000+ audio files | 111GB | 24bit/96kHz

Buy Now For $1192 $595 »

A collection of more than 1100 unique selections ranging from organic to synthetic and futuristic sounds with personality for any kind of electronic user interface environment, smart tv app, wearable device app, UI demonstration videos, infographics, as well as in your games. The collection includes 3 libraries that would normally cost you $97, and you can have it for $77.

Specs: 1125 audio files | 650MB | 24bit, 96/48kHz

Buy Now For $97 $77 »

Environments Bundle brings you seven (7) powerful sound libraries at a 50% discount, one for each topic:

  • Urban rain
  • Mediterranean ambiences
  • Construction site ambiences
  • Farm animals, rural environments and agricultural activities
  • Sounds of Istanbul city
  • Natural sounds of river flows, recorded over and under the surface of the water.

Specs: 850 audio files | 60+ GB | 24bit/96kHz

Buy Now For $280 $140 »

Vintage Sounds Bundle includes two (2) powerful sound libraries, at a 30% discount. Inside, you’ll find 634 sounds extracted from retro dial telephone devices, vintage turntable vinyl record players, reel-to-reel tape machines, old portable cassette players and tube radios.

Specs: 634 audio files | 3GB | 24bit/96kHz

Buy now for $61.6

Basketball Game Bundle features 395 sound effects centered around basketball. You’ll find game ambiences (from 200 to over 5,000 people attending a professional basketball match) and isolated sounds of backboard hoops, basket swish nets and metal bars, shoe squeaks and dribbles on various hard surfaces, as well as other related sounds – all performed by a professional basketball player in indoor and outdoor courts as well as inside the studio.

Specs: 395 audio files | 2.88GB | 24bit/96kHz

Buy Now For $48 »

Materials & Textures Bundle brings you three (4) material-based libraries at a 30% discount, one for each topic:

  • Debris and destruction sounds
  • Rolling objects
  • Scratches and scrapes
  • Paper and Cardboard sounds

Specs: 3043 audio files | 18.5GB | 24bit/96kHz

Buy Now For $256 $179 »

Industrial Sounds sound effects library

The Industrial Sounds SXF Bundle brings you two powerful libraries at a 30% discount.

Inside, you’ll find 500+ sound effects covering everything from construction sites, heavy-duty vehicles, power and hand tools to auto repair shops and home garage sounds.

Buy Now For $118 $82 »

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