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Drilling, digging, hammering; A medley of construction sounds turned into music.

During each of our recording sessions, and in the process of creating our sound libraries, we’ve gotten into the habit of picking and choosing certain sounds that possess an innately outstanding musicality (both in tone and rhythm). These handpicked sounds we put aside for another special project, which is the creation of a natural-sound musical theme to mark the completion of each sound library birthing process. Such sounds can be: metallic clanking, rhythmic machine sounds, waves, a ping-pong ball dancing on a frying pan, a passing fighter jet, or a crumpling paper.

It almost goes without saying that all sounds can be part of a music creation, but in terms of musicality, some sounds leave others behind. And those are the ones that challenge and inspire us to take on a musical journey. One of an unusual creative sound design and an exploration of hidden potential. Where the high-pitch sounds can substitute for a snare or high-hat and the low-pitch ones for a bassline or bass drum. The ones with varying tonality can substitute for the lead melody and others can serve as transitional elements to segue from one section of a track into another. As musicians/producers with different specialties, we tend to see and hear potential in every sound and welcome the inspiration it brings along with it, but we also put sounds to the test that determines whether some of those will make the final cut to our sound library.

That said, we would like to mention that over the years we’ve drawn inspiration from exceptional bodies of work of sound designers and field recordists such as Amon Tobin (Foley Room) and Diego Stocco (Music From A Dry Cleaner), which at times have served as aesthetic criteria for our own work. We’ve used those criteria to test the independent existence of sounds in different contexts and determine the purpose they could serve as part of a library and eventually as part of an audiovisual production. 

Which brings us to our newest tune, made entirely using our Construction Zone library sounds. Our concept was to put together a special collection of 20 of those recordings (including drilling, hammering, electric screwdrivers punching holes, machines starting and more) and treat them with sound design techniques like pitch-bending, stretching, layering etc. to create a short theme to accompany the creation of the library and make it come to life. We hope you find the outcome enjoyable 🙂

Listen to a “live jamming session” we captured using exclusively raw materials, during one of our field recordings here:

You can listen to one of our older themes made using the Indoor Sounds library here :


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