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Gain Sounds interview with our lead sound designer/founder Kostas Loukovikas

Kostas on Gain Sounds blog

While working feverishly on the new sound effects library to be released at Sound Ex Machina, Kostas found the time to answer a few questions on the Gain Sounds blog, where he talks about his favorite piece of recording gear, plans on getting new equipment, favorite sounds/ ambiences he has captured so far, and what sounds he would love to record in the future. Here’s a small snippet:

What’s your favorite sound/ambience you’ve recorded? 

My most favorite sound is and probably will be my son’s heartbeat that I recorded through my wife’s belly during the 5th or 6th month of her pregnancy. To quote one of my favorite movies, what I recorded was the “awakening of the Force”. Those primal sounds of life …of survival.

Here’s what I managed to capture using just my phone during a doctor visit, 4-5 years back:

And here’s the beat of the same heart, some 5 years later:

But if you are referring to ambience sounds / atmospheres or specific sound effects, I would say that my most favourite sound/ambience is that of an F16 jet fighter flying and maneuvering right over our heads. I could literally see the pilot from the point I was recording from that day!

I felt like the skies were being ripped apart and the earth shook as if by an earthquake. The most impressive part, however, was the variety of sounds coming from up above. It was like someone was playing some gigantic modular analog synthesizer somehow, turning knobs and tweaking cutoff and resonance buttons – no words could describe that feeling, really… It was a fantastic experience.

Below, is a small taste of what we experienced that day:

Adding to the above experience, another interesting set of sounds I managed to capture that day was the low-tone vibrations created by the flyovers of the F16 jet fighters, recorded using only a contact mic on a nearby vehicle. This approach gave us some pretty good, unique drone takes, that we later used to create interesting, eerie textures.

Here’s a snippet from that session:

What sounds would you like to record in the future?

One of our goals for 2021 is to capture superbikes running in professional circuits here in Greece. We were lucky enough to capture some passbys this past year in a professional circuit near Xanthi, our hometown and we were really impressed by the power these machines could generate. Right about the time Covid hit in 2020, we were planning a recording, but then we realized our plans had to wait. Just like everybody else’s…

Our hope is that life will soon go back to normal for the most part at least. When that happens we’ll be able to set up a full recording session with lots of pass-bys, crazy accelerations, and fast launches … Maybe this summer? Our fingers are crossed!

You can read the full interview on Gain Sounds here
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