About us

We are a small and agile team of recordists and sound designers. We provide royalty-free, context-based sound effects libraries in HQ to sound pros, developers and filmmakers around the world.

The main concept design is to convey sound effects focused on diversity, quality, and style. Further to that, it’s been our aim to provide:

  • Creative Freedom: The packages are intended for those who need straightforward samples, with a variety of versions in each articulation group for maximum creative freedom.
  • Versatility: Multiple versions of the same sound are provided so you can pick up whatever suits your needs best.
  • Flexibility: Raw, unprocessed sounds for maximum flexibility and versatility
  • Precision: All sounds are trimmed with extreme attention to accuracy so that each of them is ready to use “as is”.

Hope you find it useful and we’d greatly appreciate your feedback. We are taking everything into account for our next libraries, which are coming soon. We are always in continuing search of interesting and useful sound sets that constantly will be added in the catalog.