Paper and Cardboard

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Paper & Cardboard is a toolset of a total of 500 HQ sound effects recorded to sound fat and solid whilst still providing various textures and motion. You can explore a range of cardboard box sounds (various weights and sizes), sheets of paper, newspapers, magazines, books, paper towels and much more.

We have approached this collection with both an experimental and practical touch. That said, our goal is to provide a. Well-rounded source elements to assist with implementing your own unique ideas and b. A variety of paper and cardboard props for foleying placement in your film, video, etc. in post-production.

Audio Preview

List of sources recorded:
Business card • Postcard • Playing card • Catalog cover • Chinese fan • Cigarette pack • Medicine pack • Cheque paper • Envelope • Photographic paper • Receipt • Folder • Pamphlet • Books of various strengths and sizes • Vintage scrapbook • Paper bag • Matte and Glossy Magazines • Newspaper • Toilet paper • Kitchen paper • A4 sheets • Baking paper • Storage cardboard boxes

Video Preview

All recording sessions have been carried out in an acoustically treated room and captured with a close-distance perspective at 24bit/96kHz to provide raw material that is suitable for extensive processing.

Creative Freedom

The sounds are minimally processed, with variations on each one, that will give you the freedom and flexibility you need to create your own sound frames.

  • 500 royalty-free files in total
  • 24bit/96 kHz in Stereo Wav format
  • Library size is 3 GB
  • PDF, XLS files included
  • All files embedded with Soundminer metadata

You can view the full tracklist by downloading the metadata in PDF format.

The sounds are royalty-free and licensed to you under this license agreement.

Buy Now For $49 »

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A Quick Foley Tip for Creating Wild Animal Roars

If you want to simulate the roar of a wild animal roaring, place two condenser mics, one outside the box, recording overall and the second facing the surface from the inside, to catch the resonance of the space, and start drawing the surface of the box!

Soon, you’ll start hearing animal vocalizations, an angry tiger or lion for example. Chose a corrugated cardboard box in order to easily control the tension, the “hanger” of the animal, if you like, by pressing the pen differently each time on the surface of the box. Here’s an example:

Of course, you can experiment and change any of the variables mentioned it above, as for example: The size of the box, mic types and placement, writing tool (pen, pencil, marker ) e.t.c.


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