Sound Ex Machina sounds inside Soundly cloud based application

Sound Ex Machina Sounds Featuring on Soundly

Our libraries featuring on Soundly – a platform that offers free & premium sound effects in the cloud, instant SFX search/drag & drop straight into any DAW, local file indexing,[…]

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Sound Ex Machina Sounds on Podcast series ‘Inside The Exorcist’

Sounds from our library Sounds Of Istanbul has been used in Inside The Exorcist – a seven-part series inspired by the story behind the unforgettable, classic movie, The Exorcist. Enjoy[…]

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Our sounds used on Promo video for Look Watch by Laipac Technology Inc.

  Our LAUGHS library has been used by composer and sound artist Ioannis Kalantzis for the promotional video of Look Watch – a new product by Laipac Technology Inc. Enjoy[…]

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Sound Ex Machina sounds used on Soundroid’s Nature mobile app series

Sounds from our library WATER FLOW, as well as custom field recordings, has been used for Soundroid’s apps Waterflow, Ocean sounds and Rain Sounds – a new series of Android[…]

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Brett Ardiel - Sound designer and mixer

Sound Ex Machina Sounds used by Brett Ardiel

We’re happy to see our sounds being used by Brett Ardiel – a one-stop audio post-production professional and part of sound design teams for several notable and award-winning documentaries, films, and[…]

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Sound Ex Machina sounds used by Andrew Scott

Sound Ex Machina Sounds Used by Andrew Scott

It is very exciting to see that our sound effects used in Andrew Scott’s high profile projects. Enjoy watching some of his works below: Andrew is a freelance sound designer[…]

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Ambient music meets Shadow Art

Sounds from our library WATER FLOW, as well as custom field recordings, used in a one-hour ambient set specially compiled by our designer Kostas Loukovikas for the art exhibition PSYCHE[…]

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Sound Ex Machina sounds used on short film: Memories Coming Alive

Sounds from our libraries “WATER FLOW”, “LAUGHS” and “KITCHEN SOUNDS” found their way to this 2.5D animation short called “Memories Coming Alive”. Watch Video Memories “coming alive” from George Krallis[…]

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Our field recordings featuring on Todos’ Kilchurn Sessions XIV

The electronic-based producer Todos recently released a new mix, edition 14 of his legendary Kilchurn Session series, which wonderfully incorporates some of our sound effects and field recordings included in[…]

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Crisis Situation – An audio fiction scenario

This is a (very) short fiction scenario we did, using only samples from our first ever SFX library: Kitchen Sounds. We pictured ourselves in an underground radioactive station, in a[…]

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Our sounds used in Promo Video for D&D Creations

Using sounds from SFX libraries: KITCHEN and INDOOR SOUNDS Watch Video Promo animation video for D&D Creations from polygnome on Vimeo.

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Sound Ex Machina sounds used in Transverse Wave Machine EDM Album

The electronic based project Consciousness Federation released a four tracks EP, which wonderfully incorporates some of the sounds of our Indoor Sounds library. C.F.’s intention was a combination of real-sampled[…]

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