Sound Ex Machina sounds in German film, Papa auf Wolke 7

We had the great pleasure to listen to our sounds in the film, Papa auf Wolke 7 – a german comedy directed by Markus Herling and sound designed by Cornelius Wilkening.

The movie flavored with sounds from our RAIN CITY library – a collection that covers the interaction between rain and the objects around urban environments.

On choosing our rain recordings, Cornelius explained that

“No matter what rainy scene I worked on, there was something useful in the Rain City library! It also helped a lot that the files were edited to be loopable, so I never had to edit a recording because it was too short.”

Thank you for sharing your work and experience with us, Cornelius! Enjoy watching the movie below:

If you would like to learn more about Cornelius’ work, check out his website: 

About the RAIN CITY library:

Rain City Sound Effects Library

Rain City is an HQ sound effects library featuring 84 recordings captured on various indoor and outdoor locations, in peaceful urban environments. You will find various types and intensities of rainfall, from subtle drizzle on tile rooftops and construction sites, to after-hours heavy rain on the city streets and downpours against car windows, Plexiglas rooftop panels, umbrellas, and more.

Find out more about Rain City »

Read what our customers and collaborators saying about Rain City library

  • “The library aims to cover the interaction between rain and the objects around the city, and does so very effectively. The recordings feel intimate, and have a texture often missing with weather sounds.” 344 Audio – Audio post-production and sound design company
  • “Brilliant library! Wide variety of distance in recordings, situational variations, and intensity of rain. HD. Highly recommended.” Wayne Roberts composer, sound designer
  • “Though they were recorded in a city, these recordings are surprisingly clean and flexible, and you will also receive excellent metadata.”A Sound Effect
  • “Rain City is a VERY nice library! Excellent variety, well-recorded, and the looping is seamless. I’d highly recommend it.” John Tenney – Musician / Co-founder of Golden Gate Music


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