Sound Ex Machina sounds used in the ‘Secrets of Cleo’ Slot Machine Game intro video

We’re happy to see our LAUGHS sound effects library has been used by composer and sound artist Ioannis Kalantzis for the intro video of ‘Secrets of Cleo’ slot machine game! And jeez, we still remember, in particular, one recording session we had with a friend and his nervous laugh after quite a few beers 😀 – you see, he wasn’t a professional voiceover, so we had to find ways to make him feel comfortable. Well, he got sort of… over-relaxed eventually, and enjoyed it so much that we all had a funny and productive day! Best. Time. Ever!

Congrats Ioannis! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your project with us. And thanks for mentioning us in the credits too!

Enjoy watching!

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